For years, I’ve taken joy in documenting my learning in both personal and private ways. My preferred journey route for as long as I can remember has been via the rich, complex and ever-generous written word. I enjoy reading various materials on a subject and writing about what I’ve learned; sewing the themes together with the thread of my own thoughts. Since leaving teaching, reading and writing have become joys of mine once more. I wanted a word that would sum up the joy I get from this kind of learning and when I couldn’t find a suitable one, I made one up. Litalgamation is a space for me to record my learning; sharing with you the topics I’m curious about and uniting what I learn into short reflections to document my inevitably winding journey, ‘knowing how way leads on to way’ (Frost, 1916).

My writing promises

The conclusions I draw in my writing may appear ‘small and underwhelming’ (Wilson, 2018). This will never stop me publishing my writing as I know that it is in the ‘close to nothing at all’ where the magic is to be found (Poynton, 2019).

If you want certainty, you won’t find it here. I embrace the uncertainty of a learning journey where there may be no finite answers and we will only know our own truth at a single moment in time.

I will be brave about making the space for my own voice to emerge from the views, experiences, and knowledge to be found in the words I read.


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