Tech Toolbox: Credly- Badges

I’ve been trying to focus this year on raising expectations in my classroom. I feel like it is much improved from last year and most students have a clear sense of where they want to go, how to get there and where I think they can get (essentially, as far as they want to!)

There has been a dip in motivation in recent weeks and so I’ve been thinking about how students’ hard work can be rewarded. I have now made my RAG rating wall and it now includes a blue section for those students who are excelling in all areas of their study. I then stumbled across Credly. This site is free (although you have to create a login). On it, you can create badges of all kinds, in all different colours, with different symbols and shapes. Here are three I’ve made so far, that will allow me to reward my students regularly. 12fca409c17a88a5d65dd23163a06d0c_15 For when they’ve had a fabulous week of hard work. 3761459600510f9855c58f6b458eda45_15 For when they’ve met a target grade in an essay. I’ll need to make one for when it’s surpassed… c73687918d31df90b02f8920fe19bc23_15 For when they’ve taught a lesson really successfully.

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