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A Love for Teaching

Why my learners are awesome (Jan 2014)

My First year in teaching (Sept 2013)

How Dark Matter Brightened My Day (Mar 2013)

Why I won’t be going to work in a bookshop…YET (Jan 2013)

Classroom Environment

A Humble Abode (Sept 2015)

#c6english: Classroom Creativity (Aug 2014)

Classroom Environment Updates (Jan 2014)

Level Ladder Display (Dec 2013)

A new year, a new tour of C6 (Sept 2013)

Further Classroom Changes (May 2013)

Classroom environment changes this term (Apr 2013)

Useable walls and classroom displays (Mar 2013)

Writing on the Windows (Mar 2013)

Ode to C6 or why having your own classroom is fab! (Mar 2013)

Conferences, Events and TeachMeets

Well, here we all are! #LearningFirst (May 2016)

#ShapingCPD- Initial Reflections (Apr 2016)

Behaviour Forum (Jan 2016)

#lsgwebinar: Revealed- the learning lives of managers (Dec 2015)

AoC Conference 2015 (Nov 2015)

#readtl15 (June 2015)

A visit to the Education and Training Foundation (June 2015)

Learning Technologies Summer Forum (June 2015)

Festival of Education Day 2 (June 2015)

Festival of Education Day 1 (June 2015)

Are you a Festival of Education virgin? (June 2015)

#TMReading (May 2015)

#TESFEAwards and #LFE15 (Mar 2015)

#TMOxford (Feb 2015)

Times Education Festival (June 2014)

#PedagooLondon (Mar 2014)

#TMOxford (June 2013)

Learning & Development

#Shaping CPD- The Keynotes (June 2016)

Rewarding Staff and Students- What Works? (May 2016)

The Best CPD…Ever! (Apr 2016)

How Google Works: Part 1- Culture, Strategy and Talent (Apr 2016)

Turning CPD into Learning: The Mini Learning Project (Apr 2016)

#ldcu16- aka my first ‘unconference’ (Feb 2016)

A Grand Day Out (Feb 2016)

Going Beyond CPD to Develop Outstanding Teaching & Learning (Jan 2016)

Brilliant Teaching and Training in FE (Jan 2016)

Evaluating the Impact of CPD (Jan 2016)

Learning about CPD (Dec 2015)

CPD, but not as we know it (Oct 2015)

#TwitteratiChallenge (May 2015)

A Summer of CPD (July 2014)

A week in the life of an FE teacher during Open Classrooms Week (Nov 2013)

Using Twitter as CPD (May 2013)

MOOC Learning

Assessment for Learning in STEM Teaching (Apr 2016)

#LTTO: What I learned from Learning to Teach Online (Aug 2015)

OCTEL MOOC: Week 3 (May 2014)

OCTEL MOOC: Week 2 (May 2014)

OCTEL MOOC: Week 1 (May 2014)

OCTEL MOOC: Week 0 (May 2014)

Teaching Activities and Resources

Frames of Mind (May 2016)

Questions, Questions, Questions (Dec 2015)

Learning Outcomes (Dec 2015)

Starters and Plenaries (Dec 2015)

Feedback: In Search of the Holy Grail (Nov 2015)

Starting the Year: Day 1 (Sept 2015)

A Few of my Favourite Things (June 2016)

Curriculum Transformation (June 2015)

Student Wellbeing and Revision Survival Bags (Apr 2015)

Revision (Mar 2015)

Learner Planned Lessons (Mar 2015)

Silent Debate and #timelapseclassroom (Feb 2015)

Reflective Practice (Feb 2015)

Is this research as we know it? (Dec 2014)

The TEEP Learning Cycle Post 3 of 3 (Aug 2014)

TEEP Post 2: The 5 Underlying Principles (Aug 2014)

What is TEEP? Post 1 (Aug 2014)

Help me teacher! (Aug 2014)

Mystery Books (Jan 2014)

Writing Confessional (Jan 2014)

Learning Journals: Student Reflection (Jan 2014)

RAG Rating (Nov 2013)

A Love for Poetry is Born (Nov 2013)

Homeworkopoly becomes Hanopoly (Nov 2013)

Student Plans (Oct 2013)

Dinner Party Lesson (Oct 2013)

Class Consultants  (Oct 2013)

Video and Verbal Feedback (Oct 2013)

Fabulous Feedback (Sept 2013)

Promotion of Reading (Aug 2013)

Student Responsibility (Aug 2013)

No More Excuses (Aug 2013)

Learning Mats for TeachTweet #ukedchat (June 2013)

Making collaborative working…work! (Mar 2013)

Music in Lessons: The Cheesier, The Better! (Mar 2013)

Ssshhhh…Silent Lesson in Progress (Mar 2013)

My take on the 5 min. lesson plan (Mar 2013)

Paper Plates (Mar 2013)


My Journey Through Google- Helen Hayes (Mar 2016)

Using Social Media to Support Learning (Dec 2015)

Blended Learning Essentials (Nov 2015)

Top Tech Tools (Nov 2015)

A new class website (July 2015)

Online Presence and Digital Footprint (June 2016)

Piktochart: Infographics (June 2015)

What is FELTAG and why should I care? (Feb 2015)

iPad Apps (Feb 2015)

Sketchnoting (Feb 2015)

The Perfect ICT Every Lesson (Aug 2014)

My Google Journey (July 2014)

A New Year, A New Class Website (July 2014)

Tech Toolbox: Credly- Badges (Dec 2013)

Tech Toolbox: Smore Flyers (July 2013)

Tech Toolbox: Tellagami Video App for iPad (July 2013)

Tech Toolbox: Thoughtboxes and Videos (July 2013)

Tech Toolbox: StudyStack Flashcards (June 2013)

Tech Toolbox: Poster Oven and QR Codes (May 2013)

Tech Toolbox: Infographics on (May 2013)

Tech Toolbox: Recite This Images (May 2013)

Today’s Meet: Discussion via Technology (Mar 2013)

Note-Making (Feb 2013)


Crossroads, Boiling Frogs and Noticing (Feb 2016)

A Beacon of Light (Feb 2016)

Making the Most of Meetings (Updated May 2016)

Here is where my learning really begins (Jan 2016)

#nurture1516 (Jan 2016)

Next Steps (Dec 2015)

Just One Learner (Nov 2015)

National Poetry Day: LIVE! (Oct 2015)

Top Tips for Surviving a First Term in FE (Sept 2015)

1 year in reflections (July 2015)

A New Year: Dive In (June 2015)

Paul Grainger Leading in Volatile Times (June 2015)

#teacher5aday (May 2015)

Troubled Waters: Assessment in the Pool (Apr 2015)

A Close Encounter of the Welsh Kind (Apr 2015)

Easter Reflections (Apr 2015)

Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do (Jan 2015)

My Management Journey Begins Here (Jan 2015)

#nurture1415 (Jan 2015)

Independent Thinking (Aug 2014)

Who am I? Am I who I think I am? (Aug 2014)

We’re all Busy Bees (June 2014)

A Journey to Remember: Auschwitz (May 2014)

The Elusive Grade One (Jan 2014)

#nurture1314 (Dec 2013)

A Week with Ofsted (Dec 2013)

Learning: What is it all about? (Sept 2013)

2012-2013 Reflections (July 2013)

The Ghost of Failure (Apr 2013)

Masks of Anonymity and Shame (Mar 2012)


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