Transforming Teacher Education – Week 1

Last week saw me start a new learning journey- because the journeys of- Teaching new spec GCSE English Doing my job Photography ...weren't quite enough for me! The course is a collaboration between the Education and Training Foundation and a number of universities around the country, one of them being Sheffield Hallam. This is one... Continue Reading →

The Big Learning Project

After the trial of the Mini Learning Project in the summer term of last academic year, we're finally about to begin the Big Learning Project: an approach to learning conceived after extensive reading into what makes CPD effective. The idea of the project is that it can be adapted to whatever role you have; whether... Continue Reading →

CPD Inspiration and Research

Over the last couple of years I've become a bit of a sponge when it comes to reading about CPD; continually seeking more to ensure my practice is as effective as it can be. Below, you can find my collections of reading (some videos, podcasts and images) related to CPD. I use these as a reference point... Continue Reading →

Mini Learning Project Journal

Between April and July, a number of The Sheffield College staff volunteered to participate in a project that would help us to trial what will become the Big Learning Project from September 2016 (read more about its launch here). The original motivation for developing this project was to address the need for CPD that would... Continue Reading →

#ShapingCPD- Shaping a Learning Culture

Mirage 'The Mirage describes the widely held perception among education leaders that we already know how to help teachers improve, and that we could achieve our goal of great teaching in far more classrooms if we just applied what we know more widely. Our research suggests that despite enormous and admirable investments of time and... Continue Reading →

#ShapingCPD – The Keynotes

After this event a couple of months ago, I recorded my initial reflections about the day and subsequently shared an account of the best CPD I have ever participated in. What follows are notes on the content of the keynotes part of the day. I'm rather later than intended in typing these up but returning to them after the... Continue Reading →

Rewarding Staff and Students- What Works?

A tram journey this morning resulted in more than a catching-up on emails and Twitter... it quickly evolved into sending the following direct message to a certain @MrsSarahSimons Cool- let's go for tomorrow! Exciting and scary all at once! 🙂 Any tips you can give me? A short while later and this was shared: My... Continue Reading →

The Best CPD… EVER!

We were asked, during one of the excellent workshops arranged by @iris_connect at the #ShapingCPD conference last week, to reflect on our best CPD experience. This was a question I could answer without hesitation. In July 2012, luck would have it that I could take voluntary redundancy from the job I had and this meant I could... Continue Reading →

#ShapingCPD – Initial Reflections

A detailed blog will be on its way but in the meantime, here are some initial reflections. I duly accepted a Periscope challenge, set by my manager, Graeme Hathaway. Until I can make this more freely available, a short written summary of my thoughts about the #Sharing CPD conference shall have to suffice: People It was... Continue Reading →

#ldcu16 aka- my first ‘unconference’

My first 'unconference' (or at least one titled that way). My first conference filled with NO educators. Not a single one. I would be surrounded by fellow L&D Professionals. What follows are some thoughts and notes on the day- some are what other people said, some will be what they made me think about. I... Continue Reading →

A Grand Day Out

I'm a fan of Wallace and Gromit. A big fan. I love cheese and I have a grin a little like Wallace's when I'm really very happy. An ex-colleague and adopted mentor of mine spoke some wise words once (I'm afraid this isn't an exact quote and she probably said it much better than this... Continue Reading →

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