Urgent and important

A continuing journey with workload and delegation. When I was a teacher, I was largely able to dictate my own workload around my timetable; when to set essays and therefore when I'd do marking, how I'd plan lessons and when I'd create resources. The time for this was limited but in some ways, that made... Continue Reading →

Mind the crevice

In recent months, I began to feel - so acutely - the distance between me and what Further Education is really all about, widening. I could no longer put my finger on what we were doing - what was it really all about? What was I here for? What impact was I having? These spreadsheets,... Continue Reading →

Meetings Kits

Earlier on this year, as I sat twiddling my thumbs and checking my emails in yet another meeting, I began to wonder if there was another way. The problems with meetings are variable and for me, can be summed up with a few Dilbert cartoons: Once I entered management, I soon realised the way in which... Continue Reading →

20 things I learned from #ukfechat

Journeying 1- Clapham is not the same place as Clapton. Definitely not. Not remotely. This doesn't stop me from being convinced Clapham is where we're going and people telling me in person, over the phone, via Twitter DMs, What's App and Facetime somehow leaves me even more convinced that Clapham is absolutely where we're going.... Continue Reading →

Making the Most of Meetings

Ever had that broken record feeling to life's conversations? Colleagues (often the same ones) tell me, 'I've just wasted half my day in meetings.' 'I've been in back-to-back meetings.' 'Well, that meeting was a complete waste of time.' If you work in a 'leadership' role in education, especially of the further variety, then I'm certain this... Continue Reading →

Leaders putting #LearningFirst

How can school leaders develop partnerships that support inclusion- ways of adapting teaching to ensure all children's learning is valued? Seamus Oates @HeadTBAP The challenge curriculum- start from the point of the children, listen to where they are today and talk to them about where they want to be in 15 years time. Inspire and... Continue Reading →

How Google Works: Part 1- Culture, Strategy, Talent

As I have become more and more involved in learning and development it has become increasingly obvious to me that roles in this area are so closely tied to organisational development, leading change, as well as establishing, and maintaining or refreshing an organisation's culture. I've always believed that there's no better way to achieve a... Continue Reading →

The Journey in Sheffield Continues…

When I set out on my latest journey, it was destination: Sheffield. But most journeys are not quite as simple as all that and I soon discovered that I was to be making a greater journey than I realised, destination: unknown. These are the steps I expected to be making on my journey: - Forming... Continue Reading →

Next Steps

'I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.' Steve Jobs, 2006 I recall sitting with the most fabulous careers advisor at Gateshead College in 2009, working through my application form for... Continue Reading →

AoC Conference 2015

I was at the AoC conference this year to discover whether we'd won a Beacon Award for staff development- we did and you can read all about it here. This also meant that I got to hear from the following people: Carole Stott A sector that's doing vitally important work- to strengthen our communities and... Continue Reading →

1 Year in…reflections

It's almost 1 year into my leadership journey and I feel that calls for a reflective blog. Or perhaps the real reasons are that I had an end of transformational leaders programme presentation to prepare for last Friday and final reflections with my coach tomorrow? I was incredibly nervous about my presentation to fellow leaders. I have... Continue Reading →

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