Teacher Wellbeing – Day 2

After Day 1 of this wellbeing CPD, offered by The Chartered College, I was really excited to meet up with everyone again, spend a day talking about wellbeing and hearing how everyone's interventions had gone. On day 1, we explored what we meant by wellbeing a little, spoke about stress and anxiety before we ventured... Continue Reading →

Teacher Wellbeing- Day 1

On Friday 9th June, I got up at a ridiculously early hour and headed down to Cambridge for the day - all in pursuit of wellbeing. More traditional approaches to improving wellbeing might be a session in the gym, some meditation or a walk in the park to notice nature - not quite the same... Continue Reading →

#TSCornerstones opening speech

In planning the opening speech for our March Development Day, I planned it, changed it all, added to it, shared it with some educators on Twitter, showed it to ex-colleagues, asked for ideas from current colleagues and finally ended up with a keynote speech I wasn't sure I would remember. This would need some carefully planned... Continue Reading →

Why we still need feminism #IWD17

I've had these words (most of them at least) sat in my phone notes for some months now; never feeling bold enough to post. It feels like today, International Women's Day is the day to finally share this. Me being #beboldforchange I guess. Before you read on, I'd like you to know that I am a champion... Continue Reading →

Being 10% Braver

Today was a Development Day packed with the sharing of practice, the celebration of great work and plenty of festive fun. It also contained a sprinkle of added bravery and we can all blame Amjad Ali and his TeachMeet last night, #TMOxford. I was thrilled to find a live feed for an event I would have... Continue Reading →

#LearningFirst Creating workload within limits

Assessment has its roots in Latin, namely 'assessus ' meaning 'a sitting by', where the past participle means 'to sit beside.' This has implications for how we view assessment, but what are they? Perhaps that assessment should sit beside learning? Perhaps that we should sit beside a student during assessment and listen to them; providing... Continue Reading →

The Journey in Sheffield Continues…

When I set out on my latest journey, it was destination: Sheffield. But most journeys are not quite as simple as all that and I soon discovered that I was to be making a greater journey than I realised, destination: unknown. These are the steps I expected to be making on my journey: - Forming... Continue Reading →

Crossroads, boiling frogs and noticing

In every journey, a crossroads is reached. Some of these crossroads are more significant than others. I arrived at a crossroads this evening on my bus journey home- a crossroads I am supposed to disembark at to continue my journey on foot. Except tonight, my journey would take me further than intended. On this particular... Continue Reading →

A Beacon of Light

I first worked with Sally in my first year of teaching- 2009. It was a class I've referenced in other posts and one I still have vivid memories of today. That group of students challenged me to become a better teacher: They were level 1 hospitality students and had very long and difficult days in... Continue Reading →


'Time flies when you're having fun'. I'm absolutely certain that it flies whatever is happening as somehow we've arrived at another new year and another moment to reflect on the past year as well as to set hopes for the one to come. I've reached one of those rare junctions in life where so much has... Continue Reading →

Just one learner…

A memory. 2009. I had just aced a microteach: instructional writing with the use of LEGO and paper planes. It was the first time I had really tried to teach anything and I was completely hooked! The buzz of seeing my ideas come to life was an addiction that I would not tire of or... Continue Reading →

National Poetry Day LIVE!

Thank you to Eloise for being our fabulous photographer for the day! I spent the journey in to meet the students for our trip between work and Twitter: where #nationalpoetryday had begun. I had a browse through the light anthology and very quickly decided upon my favourite: He who binds to himself a joy Does... Continue Reading →


So Martyn Reah began the #teacher5aday hashtag on Twitter in order to tackle the urgent need for staff working within education to focus more on their wellbeing. This week, I tried to hit one thing for each of the 5 during the week: #notice is the one I like the most and was certainly the... Continue Reading →

Easter Reflections

On return to work tomorrow, I'll be asking my learners to complete some short reflections on their Easter revision. We'll discuss the other things they got up to but we need to evaluate our next steps in the weeks leading to their exams. My Easter has, as planned, been more than two weeks of total... Continue Reading →


So reading through last year's #Nurture1314 post was certainly very interesting.  I've decided to make this one a little more meaningful. My wishes will not be a mere to do list but will contain things that might make a difference. 'I'm excited about what 2014 will hold. There is much to be nervous about and huge... Continue Reading →

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