GCSE English Language (WJEC Eduqas)

For much of this year, I spent a significant amount of time wrestling with how to organise my online learning environment for students. In September, I had a class confirmed the day before I taught them. I was excited to be back in the classroom but it cut down my advance preparation time somewhat (and... Continue Reading →

British Values

Most of us want to prepare our learners for life and British Values gives us another opportunity to do that. Although I've not heard any of my colleagues contest that 'British Values' is important, they may have contested the term itself. The 'British Values' term is still being used by Ofsted, and whether we find... Continue Reading →

The best teachers I know…

Are easily identifiable.  In my current role I, rather luckily, get to see many of them in action and there is one thing they all have in common.  They demonstrate genuine care. In each instance, this care is made apparent in different ways. I could see it in one teacher through their insistence on students... Continue Reading →

‘Measuring Progress’- It’s Messy!

When we planned this year's Learning Festival, we made sure that sessions were being offered on areas of practice departments knew they needed development in. As the offers of workshops were confirmed, it became clear that the 'measuring' of progress was somewhat lacking. I stepped up to offer something - mainly as this is an... Continue Reading →

Learning Festival 2017

2017 had finally arrived and the day of my second Learning Festival at The Sheffield College. The first one would always be a hard act to follow and I wasn't entirely sure that my post-holiday brain was up to the job. We'd soon find out. An inhumanely early alarm was set and I was bound... Continue Reading →

A Further Education

I've always known, as a teacher of English (and sometimes maths, ICT and study skills) that there was a whole world of FE I didn't have any real involvement with- a world filled with industry expertise and students working towards employment. Being present at open days and enrolment events always gave me an insight into... Continue Reading →

Being Evidence Informed

In recent months, I have become more aware of how research, science and evidence informs my practice- both as a leader and as a teacher. Below, you'll find that I've begun to gather together evidence sources that can support this (click the image to access).

Be…assertive! Be, be assertive!

You can read about week 1 (managing your own behaviour) here and week 2 (rules and routines) here and week 3 (making praise personal) here. What kind of teacher are you? Hostile, passive or assertive? Find an assertive voice in the classroom- assertive is much more than an aggressive voice. Passive is equally as ineffective as you're... Continue Reading →

Praise: make it personal

This week's learning challenged me to think about how I show my appreciation to students. I am aware of how I demonstrate it to colleagues but have I been as aware of exactly why and how this is shown to my students over the years? I'm not so sure... You can read about week 1... Continue Reading →

‘A great lesson starts at the door’

Week 2 of 'Managing Behaviour for Learning' from Future Learn is focused on the importance of routines, boundaries and expectations. All teachers have them but do not always communicate them effectively to students (read about week 1 of my learning here). The first few minutes of a lesson are crucial.   A great lesson starts... Continue Reading →

‘If you have great lessons, you never have behaviour problems, right?’

'If you have great lessons, you never have behaviour problems, right?' Paul Dix says this in one of his opening videos for the Future Learn MOOC: Managing Behaviour for Learning. https://www.futurelearn.com/courses/managing-behaviour-for-learning/ Reflecting on my own behaviour management 'training' throughout my PGCE, I received the same sort of message: 'If you plan your lesson well enough then... Continue Reading →

Learning Festival 2016

Tuesday 12th July had finally arrived. The Learning Festival. My first development day in my new job at a new college. We had made the decision to take a departure from recent years based on feedback received from staff: We would no longer be a teaching and learning day- this would be learning for everyone.... Continue Reading →

#LearningFirst Towards better teacher training

This wasn't actually the title but the essence of the workshop... No answers were given but questions raised, and food for thought supplied. Teacher education has become a ticking of standards rather than a focus on student progress and the impact teaching approaches have on that. It's been an addressing of single standards and there... Continue Reading →

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