In the second year of our Teaching & Learning conference, we managed to get things planned ahead of time- especially as I hadn't decided I'd run one just two months before it would take it place! I knew I wanted to start the day with an activity that would set the fun and collaborative mood... Continue Reading →

Are you a Festival of Education Virgin?

If you are popping your Festival of Education cherry this year then please heed the advice of an experienced lady to maximise your enjoyment of the experience: Losing your way 1- Don't book train tickets for 'Wellington' train station. Wellington College is not in Wellington, it's in Crowthorne. Yes, this actually happened. You can find... Continue Reading →

#TESFEAwards and #LFE15

At the end of an incredibly long week way back in February (!) came the #tesfeawards. It was a wonderful night to celebrate all that further education does for learners: Young and old(er) alike. I think it is perhaps the only time in my life so far that I have been to an event that... Continue Reading →

Times Education Festival 2014

Disclaimer (usually written at the bottom of a text but I'd like to be abundantly clear from the start): in no way will this writing necessarily reflect what the speakers meant at all. They are merely my resulting thoughts and ideas, with hopefully a little clarity of the speakers' words thrown in between.    ... Continue Reading →

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