#LTTO Module 8- Evaluation Strategies

Just like assessment, it's important to think of evaluation as something you do throughout the learning process. This is module seven of a Learning To Teach Online MOOC with Coursera, you can read about module 1 here and about module 2 here, and about module 3 here and about module 4 here and about module 5 here and... Continue Reading →

Easter Reflections

On return to work tomorrow, I'll be asking my learners to complete some short reflections on their Easter revision. We'll discuss the other things they got up to but we need to evaluate our next steps in the weeks leading to their exams. My Easter has, as planned, been more than two weeks of total... Continue Reading →

Who am I? Am I who I think I am?

These were the questions I scrawled on a 'what do you want to learn from today's CPD session' starter activity. Fairly philosophical questions, as questions go. I think if any of my students stated these as questions for any one of my lessons... I'd probably have to admit defeat! Fortunately, this particular CPD session would... Continue Reading →

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