Getting Better at Feedback

The last few weeks have seen us progress through each of our Cornerstones of Teaching & Learning at The Sheffield College with drop-ins from the Digital and e-Learning team, links to browse via our Twitter feed and a blog each week for staff to reflect on - Week 1 - Prepare- How do you plan... Continue Reading →

Feedback: In Search of The Holy Grail

Over the last 6 years I have, sadly, not discovered the holy grail of feedback. Call me a cynic but I don't think it actually exists. This post exists merely as an account of my journey in search for it so far. My sense of direction is so utterly atrocious that it has been necessary... Continue Reading →

#LTTO Module 8- Evaluation Strategies

Just like assessment, it's important to think of evaluation as something you do throughout the learning process. This is module seven of a Learning To Teach Online MOOC with Coursera, you can read about module 1 here and about module 2 here, and about module 3 here and about module 4 here and about module 5 here and... Continue Reading →

Tech Toolbox: Credly- Badges

I've been trying to focus this year on raising expectations in my classroom. I feel like it is much improved from last year and most students have a clear sense of where they want to go, how to get there and where I think they can get (essentially, as far as they want to!) There... Continue Reading →

Video and Verbal Feedback

This year has seen some real success for me, one could even call it a breakthrough. My most popular post, fabulous feedback, was popular for a reason; it's a great idea... If I do say so myself! My students now know what good feedback looks like and are applying a range of strategies to make their... Continue Reading →

Fabulous Feedback

There are a number of areas of my teaching practice that I'm looking to seriously improve this year and I've been writing about each aspect over the last few weeks. Perhaps of the utmost importance is feedback and marking. I am now entering my fifth year of teaching... crikey! I have been finding time after... Continue Reading →

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