The Journey in Sheffield Continues…

When I set out on my latest journey, it was destination: Sheffield. But most journeys are not quite as simple as all that and I soon discovered that I was to be making a greater journey than I realised, destination: unknown. These are the steps I expected to be making on my journey: - Forming... Continue Reading →

Paul Grainger- Leading in Volatile Times

Uplifting messages In times like these, it's very easy to feel angry or despondent or both all at once along with a dash of murderous intent. A recent talk at College as part of our transformational leaders programme served to counteract these feelings somewhat. The work of Paul Grainger, from the Institute of Education, went... Continue Reading →

Tony Robbins: Why we do what we do

I was sent this video to consider prior to my next Transformational Leaders session. I watched it over the holidays but I couldn't remember why I needed to watch it so I merely enjoyed it as background noise whilst I did something else. Here are some notes now that I'm paying attention. Why do you... Continue Reading →

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