#LearningFirst Creating workload within limits

Assessment has its roots in Latin, namely 'assessus ' meaning 'a sitting by', where the past participle means 'to sit beside.' This has implications for how we view assessment, but what are they? Perhaps that assessment should sit beside learning? Perhaps that we should sit beside a student during assessment and listen to them; providing... Continue Reading →

#LearningFirst Towards better teacher training

This wasn't actually the title but the essence of the workshop... No answers were given but questions raised, and food for thought supplied. Teacher education has become a ticking of standards rather than a focus on student progress and the impact teaching approaches have on that. It's been an addressing of single standards and there... Continue Reading →

Leaders putting #LearningFirst

How can school leaders develop partnerships that support inclusion- ways of adapting teaching to ensure all children's learning is valued? Seamus Oates @HeadTBAP The challenge curriculum- start from the point of the children, listen to where they are today and talk to them about where they want to be in 15 years time. Inspire and... Continue Reading →

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