Troubled Waters: assessment in the pool

I've recently, after more than 10 years, begun swimming regularly again- y'know- the kind of thing you do for yourself. I think some people call it 'me time', others might call it 'life.' It provides some seriously important time out for reflection and there's nowt like water to give you that! So- it wasn't too... Continue Reading →

My First Year in Teaching- 2009

This reflection has been dug-out of a dusty folder and was written in my first year of teaching and PGCE, 2009. At a time when the complexities of teaching seem too big to overcome, I hope I'll find some solace in the optimism and naivety of 'my first reflection.' "Every day we are faced with... Continue Reading →

Further Classroom Changes

If you follow me on Twitter or read my blog posts regularly, then you may well have noticed that I LOVE my classroom! See HERE or HERE. I had a discussion with a colleague this week and as I contemplated all of the things that were displayed around my classroom, I wondered how much they might be the fluff to... Continue Reading →

Music in Lessons: The Cheesier, The Better!

Frequently, my students recommend music for me. I'm often using cheesy music in class. This for when students were setting targets for change in their work: This for when we did a connect your writing, pull your essay together kind of lesson: This when we started studying Othello: This when it's our '1 thing' plenary:... Continue Reading →

Ssshhhh… Silent Lesson in Progress

After various inspiring posts from other Tweachers, I found the idea of a silent debate intriguing to say the least. So, this week a little later than planned, I tried it (and it wasn't solely to do with the fact I had a migraine). As soon as the students entered the room, they started writing... Continue Reading →

Writing on the Windows

I'm a convert! Thanks must go to @siancarter1 and @chrishealey23 for their inspiration! Click here for pics. I bought some luminous liquid chalk pens from a reputable auction site and away my students went. They produced colourful quotes, applied terminology, wrote analysis and gave peer feedback. And all with smiles on their faces. The colourful windows are a wonderful addition to my already... Continue Reading →

How Dark Matter Brightened my Day

Teaching can often be a challenge to the most positive among us and so I thought I'd share a little joy with you today. During my lesson this evening, I unwittingly became a part of a truly outstanding lesson. This elusive quality was flaunted right in front of me in my very own lesson and... Continue Reading →

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