Level Ladder Display

I recently read and learnt more about levelling in the classroom. Being on Twitter, I am in regular contact with many teachers in schools and it's clear that levelling is used to measure progress for younger students in the school. It would seem that a student could be measured at a level 4 in one... Continue Reading →

RAG Rating

Recently, I've been required to 'RAG rate' my students on the College system. This means that a teacher can go into a student profile and see how they're getting on in each subject. A comment was left for each learner too so staff can see further detail if required. I believe the idea of the... Continue Reading →

Student Plans

Today, I was finalising the November issue of the College's CPD magazine on target setting (see previous versions on assessment and high expectations) and I had one of my little brainwaves... or brain fidgets at the very least! To say that I wasn't inspired by @TeacherToolkit 's wonderful 5 min plan series at this point,... Continue Reading →

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