ocTEL MOOC- Week 3

Week 3 – Materials & Platforms for Learning Technology Thank goodness it's reading week, is all I can say! I have to admit that the badges are motivating me to get going today: I MUST collect all the badges! I initially felt rather skeptical about badges- as they seemed to be the incentive that has... Continue Reading →

ocTEL MOOC- Week 2

ocTEL Week 2- Learners and Learning Automatically, I was attracted by this week’s title. Once again, I found myself having to complete my tasks and engage with my learning at  the weekend. I’m sure I’d be getting a great deal more from this MOOC if I was able to engage with it more frequently throughout... Continue Reading →

ocTEL MOOC Week 1

Once again, I am having to catch-up on ocTEL on a Saturday. I'm sure there'll be some point soon when I can get involved sooner/more frequently throughout the week but this week was certainly not going to be it (the week from hell springs to mind!) So- here are some reflections and notes on some... Continue Reading →

ocTEL MOOC- Week 0

Over the next few weeks I am juggling several balls and trying to keep them all in the air at once. This includes the ocTEL course. I plan to engage in some way every week and I'm not sure what this will look like every week but I'm hoping it will involve one reflective blog... Continue Reading →

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