The making of a MOOC

The scenario of being asked to use a virtual learning environment, a set of laptops or devices, or indeed an interactive whiteboard is likely to be a familiar one to teachers. More familiar still might be the expectation that this technology is used in your teaching and the research evidence supporting its effective use is... Continue Reading →

Being Evidence Informed

In recent months, I have become more aware of how research, science and evidence informs my practice- both as a leader and as a teacher. Below, you'll find that I've begun to gather together evidence sources that can support this (click the image to access).

CPD, but not as we know it

Our CPD Journey until now Over the last three years, I have been part of a team leading and facilitating CPD across Reading College. We've experienced great successes and we've largely achieved what we set out to: An increase in conversations about teaching & learning A breaking down of silos CPD that is more relevant,... Continue Reading →

Professional Development: what works?

Working in a development role at College, this debate would be more than relevant for me. The debate was shared by Rod Bristow, from Pearson, who shared a couple of videos from John Hattie to stimulate conversation. Fergal Roche Government have been obsessed with choice and autonomy. Choice came about from Tony Blair's government. Encouraging... Continue Reading →

Is this research as we know it?

This is a tale of success... sort of. This is a tale of research... sort of. It was after reading the Activate Learning strategy that my first research plans were born. Within the strategic plan is an inspiring learner journey. It's a vision of what a typical learning journey might look like in the future... Continue Reading →

What is TEEP? (Post 1)

I am officially 'TEEP trained.' That sounds more like a seedy confession than a declaration but it means that I have undertaken the first level of the 'Teacher Enhancement Effectiveness Programme.' It is something that lead to one of the best learning experiences with a class that I've had so far. I intend to return... Continue Reading →

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