Transforming Teacher Education – Technology

This was one of the online weeks for our 'Transforming Teacher Education' programme and one of the easier weeks for me to engage in. It has made me consider how well our Teacher Education programmes really prepare our future teachers to develop their digital skills though. Through recent engagement with the Jisc's guide to developing... Continue Reading →

Transforming Teacher Education – Week 1

Last week saw me start a new learning journey- because the journeys of- Teaching new spec GCSE English Doing my job Photography ...weren't quite enough for me! The course is a collaboration between the Education and Training Foundation and a number of universities around the country, one of them being Sheffield Hallam. This is one... Continue Reading →

Behaviour Forum

Monday 14th December 2015- just 1 week into the new job and I discovered there was an event for Sheffield Hallam trainees that was to be hosted by us (CODE: me). I was really excited about arranging the day, CPD is what I do after all and a chance to get my teeth into planning,... Continue Reading →

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