Learning Festival 2016

Tuesday 12th July had finally arrived. The Learning Festival. My first development day in my new job at a new college. We had made the decision to take a departure from recent years based on feedback received from staff: We would no longer be a teaching and learning day- this would be learning for everyone.... Continue Reading →

The Journey in Sheffield Continues…

When I set out on my latest journey, it was destination: Sheffield. But most journeys are not quite as simple as all that and I soon discovered that I was to be making a greater journey than I realised, destination: unknown. These are the steps I expected to be making on my journey: - Forming... Continue Reading →

Crossroads, boiling frogs and noticing

In every journey, a crossroads is reached. Some of these crossroads are more significant than others. I arrived at a crossroads this evening on my bus journey home- a crossroads I am supposed to disembark at to continue my journey on foot. Except tonight, my journey would take me further than intended. On this particular... Continue Reading →

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