Curating what I consume

I recently left behind the land of Twitter with its discriminatory algorithm, warring factions and complex ideas distilled into soundbites with the hope of discovering what might lie on the other side. If we become what we consume then what was I becoming and how might I curate a different diet? Wisdom for life from... Continue Reading →

Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started

In a recent blog, written for @ThinkOutLoudClub on the subject of 'Learning to Teach Online', I stated that the next MOOC I'd be studying would be the 'Blended Learning Essentials: Getting Started'. My motivations for doing this MOOC were the following: Interested in doing learning completely aligned to the vocational sector I felt the content... Continue Reading →

A new year: dive in!

Last week, learners began a short two week introduction into their A2 English course. They were required to watch a couple of┬ávideos and answer some questions on our Google+ community. The few lessons I've had with them during this time have been relaxed and we've been able to discover the joy of learning again without... Continue Reading →

My Google Journey

Just over one year ago, an assistant principal (Yousef Fouda) invited me to his office. As a perceived early adopter, he wanted to share the world of Google with me. I didn't want it to be shared. It felt like it was to become something on my already bulging to do list. I couldn't see... Continue Reading →

Using Twitter as CPD

When I first heard about Twitter, I couldn't see the point. Why would I use it? I already had Facebook for annoying updates on my banal activities, why would I need another place to do this? Then I became a teacher and it all became clear. Why? Twitter is full to the brim of people... Continue Reading →

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