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Monday 14th December 2015- just 1 week into the new job and I discovered there was an event for Sheffield Hallam trainees that was to be hosted by us (CODE: me). I was really excited about arranging the day, CPD is what I do after all and a chance to get my teeth into planning,... Continue Reading →

Learning Outcomes

This is a guide to writing and using learning outcomes effectively with students. Learning outcomes should describe what the student will be able to do once they have left your classroom. They may just be able to do it a little better, they may have begun to grow in confidence with it or they may have... Continue Reading →

Student wellbeing and revision survival bags

I was recently inspired by this post: I'd heard of people giving wellbeing bags to staff but I'd never really considered it for learners before. I was beginning to get concerned about my learners' stress levels as the exam season looms heavily ahead of us. So I hit the shops at the weekend and this is... Continue Reading →

I live for magic moments

Presentations. One of those defining moments in any classroom. Who will have prepared within an inch of their lives? Who will somehow take to the floor like a duck to water, despite having done zero preparation? Who will face it with fear filling their eyes as they realise how much preparation others have made? Seeing... Continue Reading →

Student Responsibility

In 2013- 2014, I am making a number of fundamental changes to my teaching. Over the next few days, I will share these with you. I am excited about them; I fully believe they will change my teaching and my students' learning for the better. The first is about changing my students' behaviour through a... Continue Reading →

Tech Toolbox: StudyStack Flashcards

Study Stack is fantastic. The wonderful @gnarcue first introduced me to it. Initially, I wasn't so sure it would become part of my regular technology diet. As soon as I got the hang of it, I realised quite how wonderful it was! Students can make their own flashcards and then play games based on the content of their... Continue Reading →

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