Teacher Wellbeing – Day 2

After Day 1 of this wellbeing CPD, offered by The Chartered College, I was really excited to meet up with everyone again, spend a day talking about wellbeing and hearing how everyone's interventions had gone. On day 1, we explored what we meant by wellbeing a little, spoke about stress and anxiety before we ventured... Continue Reading →

Teacher Wellbeing- Day 1

On Friday 9th June, I got up at a ridiculously early hour and headed down to Cambridge for the day - all in pursuit of wellbeing. More traditional approaches to improving wellbeing might be a session in the gym, some meditation or a walk in the park to notice nature - not quite the same... Continue Reading →

The Journey in Sheffield Continues…

When I set out on my latest journey, it was destination: Sheffield. But most journeys are not quite as simple as all that and I soon discovered that I was to be making a greater journey than I realised, destination: unknown. These are the steps I expected to be making on my journey: - Forming... Continue Reading →

Crossroads, boiling frogs and noticing

In every journey, a crossroads is reached. Some of these crossroads are more significant than others. I arrived at a crossroads this evening on my bus journey home- a crossroads I am supposed to disembark at to continue my journey on foot. Except tonight, my journey would take me further than intended. On this particular... Continue Reading →


So Martyn Reah began the #teacher5aday hashtag on Twitter in order to tackle the urgent need for staff working within education to focus more on their wellbeing. This week, I tried to hit one thing for each of the 5 during the week: #notice is the one I like the most and was certainly the... Continue Reading →

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