Online Presence and Digital Footprint

As the summer draws closer, thoughts of the teaching year ahead are ever-present; the excitement of a fresh start, a new beginning and also a continued journey. Using my new favourite video creation tool, Vidra, I have created a video which introduces my learners to the idea of their digital footprint but also explores the importance... Continue Reading →

Piktochart: Infographics

Recently, I've been dabbling with the use of Google Hangout for my 'Pass It On CPD' sessions at work. The first was on Piktochart. I love this tech tool for the following reasons: It's easy for me and my learners to use It's free (unless you want to pay) It gives you design capabilities with... Continue Reading →

Curriculum Transformation

The college I work for, like many other FE colleges and indeed schools too, have been exploring how the curriculum might be transformed for learners. This has been an ongoing challenge for some time now and you can read about some of our activities here at #curriccon15 and here at #curriccon14 as well as here... Continue Reading →

iPad Apps

I've been using my iPad for more than two years now but it took me most of that time to get beyond using it as a glorified piece of paper. In this blog, I've listed the key apps I've been using and the ones I can recommend to you (this post is regularly updated). I'd be... Continue Reading →


I have recently been very taken by the visual display of key messages created by the likes of @sylviaduckworth and @BryanMMathers, of the Think Out Loud Club. And then I came across this post, on one of my favourite blogs at the moment from Matt Miller (@DitchThatTxtbk). I love being creative and I think in... Continue Reading →

#TMReading – How Do I Inspire My Learners?

When Danielle and I came up with the question of 'How do you inspire your learners?' for the latest #TMReading, we thought it was a great all-encompassing question that would get everyone sharing all the great things they do. Personally, I thought it would be a really easy question to answer. Of course I inspire... Continue Reading →

The Perfect ICT Every Lesson

As luck would have it, my train journey time was doubled one evening last week. Ordinarily, this wouldn't be at all 'lucky' and in fact, would be a frustrating inconvenience. As it was, it meant that I could finally read Mark Anderson's 'The Perfect ICT Every Lesson.' (Because I appear to have started using the Kindle... Continue Reading →

My Google Journey

Just over one year ago, an assistant principal (Yousef Fouda) invited me to his office. As a perceived early adopter, he wanted to share the world of Google with me. I didn't want it to be shared. It felt like it was to become something on my already bulging to do list. I couldn't see... Continue Reading →

A New Year, A New Class Website

After several revamps, I have finally got my class Google site to where I want it. I am beyond proud of it! Mainly because it has taken me a number of edits, many, many hours and a lot of creativity but I feel it achieves all of the things I need my site to achieve,... Continue Reading →

ocTEL MOOC- Week 3

Week 3 – Materials & Platforms for Learning Technology Thank goodness it's reading week, is all I can say! I have to admit that the badges are motivating me to get going today: I MUST collect all the badges! I initially felt rather skeptical about badges- as they seemed to be the incentive that has... Continue Reading →

ocTEL MOOC- Week 2

ocTEL Week 2- Learners and Learning Automatically, I was attracted by this week’s title. Once again, I found myself having to complete my tasks and engage with my learning at  the weekend. I’m sure I’d be getting a great deal more from this MOOC if I was able to engage with it more frequently throughout... Continue Reading →

ocTEL MOOC Week 1

Once again, I am having to catch-up on ocTEL on a Saturday. I'm sure there'll be some point soon when I can get involved sooner/more frequently throughout the week but this week was certainly not going to be it (the week from hell springs to mind!) So- here are some reflections and notes on some... Continue Reading →

ocTEL MOOC- Week 0

Over the next few weeks I am juggling several balls and trying to keep them all in the air at once. This includes the ocTEL course. I plan to engage in some way every week and I'm not sure what this will look like every week but I'm hoping it will involve one reflective blog... Continue Reading →

Tech Toolbox: Credly- Badges

I've been trying to focus this year on raising expectations in my classroom. I feel like it is much improved from last year and most students have a clear sense of where they want to go, how to get there and where I think they can get (essentially, as far as they want to!) There... Continue Reading →

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