Design for how people learn

In recent months, I’ve become more engaged with the field of cognitive science and what it has to teach us about effective learning. This began with facilitating a mini research project in my previous role alongside Tom Sherrington and Joss Kang (click here to read about the start of it - I really must get... Continue Reading →

Embracing Difference

30 days ago, I started working at the Chartered College of Teaching. This time has absolutely flown by and I found myself arriving at the Annual Conference early on a Saturday morning to help with the set-up wondering what I would get from the day. When working full-time as a teacher and leader, it was... Continue Reading →

2017: The year of the coach

Imagine, if you will, a small Quentin Blake sketch of a woman. She's eagerly skipping around the empty page of a book - leaving sparks of colour with her feet as she goes. You watch her doing this from afar for quite some time before she finally lands at the bottom right hand corner of... Continue Reading →

Guest Blog – A Day Out at Google HQ

This guest blog comes from Nick Hart, a Lecturer in Engineering at The Sheffield College. He and colleagues have recently made the move to Google Classroom and so we funded his trip to an event that might provide further inspiration. Turns out, it did.   Ok so thoughts on Google... Incredible, mind blowing, inspirational, endless... Continue Reading →

Crush Your Gremlin #WomenEd

A few months ago, I’d seen the advert online for WomenEd looking for workshop facilitators. I flagged the form for that evening, resolving that I would register and move from TeachMeets to a workshop attended by hopefully more than four people (as my first national conference delivering on 'making the most of meetings' had been).... Continue Reading →

Top 5 Reasons to Hold an Open Classrooms Week

First published in Teachers Matter Magazine, New Zealand in 2014 The best kind of professional development is that which is accessible, engaging, and provides sufficient time for reflection. So often, we focus on the students’ learning that there’s little time left for us to consider our own. It was in March 2013 that Reading College... Continue Reading →

The right climate can allow students to blossom

First published in TES Magazine 22/09/16 Follow these tips to create the perfect ‘weather’ in your classroom and help your budding learners thrive. It’s reached that time of the year when FE educators up and down the country are filled with anticipation, and it’s not the endless form-filling that we’re looking forward to. It’s something... Continue Reading →

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